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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  September 22, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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news at noon, on your side. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] adrianna: only one lane getting by in howard county following a tractor trailer fire. for miles. backed up john gonzalez has details on this. john: this tractor-trailer accident in howard county caused major
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morning long. these are the southbound lanes on 95. as we spin the camera around, it's makes all the way -- it snakes all the way up basically from bwi airport all the way past route 100. highway crews eventually open up a shoulder for cars to get by as the cleanup an investigation continues. for much of the morning, all lanes on 95 south were closed and even the northbound lanes were slow because of rubbernecking. you can see the images fro. the driver was able to get out thehe cab safely, but trailer was destroyed. the truck was carrying clothing, we understand. you can see dozens and dozens of charred boxes, the trailer obliterated, foam used by the firefighters on the scene all over the roadway. firefighters using ladders to climb the interstate wall to gain
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to get closer to the scene as quickly as possible, trying to avoid all of the backup. the good news, no injuries reported. no reason why the tractor-trailer caught fire this morning. it is under investigation. in howard county, john gonzalez, abc7 news. adrianna: new at noon, firefighters are still on the scene after a fire broke out at a $30 million police station under construction in prince william county. the fire is out, but no official word on how much damage was done. no one was hurt in this. be pushed back even more after the fire. right now, hurricane maria remains a serious storm as a category three. puerto rico is still reeling from the monster storm. overnight, dramatic video of a family rescued after being stranded on top of a capsized boat. this as residents there and in
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assess the devastation. millions are facing weeks, if not months, without power. elizabeth hur has more to elizabeth: hurricane maria still , slamming the bahamas this morning after wreaking havoc in the dominican republic and leaving a path of death and destruction across the caribbean. in dominica, at least 15 people were killed. in puerto rico, the entire island is without power, and the damage catastrophic. >> we are seeing some damage that looks almost like a tornado came through. this is the path of the eye. rob marciano is in puerto rico, where hurricane maria made landfall. >> we need light, we need water. elizabeth: maria taking abc news to a nursing home, now running
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vulnerable victims, frail and dehydrated. >> we can't let them die. we can't let them die! elizabeth: authorities say that crews are working around the clock, and overnight, the coast guard released this video showing an ongoing rescue. the navy is in the u.s. virgin islands, evacuating residents, where the only electricity there is also from generators. more help is on the way. fema is sending water and portable shelters to puerto rico and airlines are hoping to resume flights as early as today. elizabeth her, abc news, new york. hurricane maria still a category 3, and it is moving to the northwest at eight mile per hour. you can make out the eye on our satellite. we will be tracking maria through the weekend and into the early half of the week. by saturday morning, still a category 3. it will remain a pretty powerful hurricane. and then it will slowly begin to weaken
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into tuesday and wednesday, models keeping it off of the u.s. coastline. with thects today north carolina coast in the wake of higher swells and recurrence, similar to what we saw with joée . that will be the case on the immediate coastline. are gettingjosé, we cloud cover from that store on the coastline, now just the remnant. nonetheless mostly to partly cloudy skies today in the d.c. area, but we should remain on the dry side. the heat is on for the upcoming weekend. temperatures are in the upper 70's to low 80's. before today, we should be topping out into the mid to upper 80's for the daytime high. fall kicks off at 4:02. not feeling are looking much like it. if you are stepping out for a light lunch later today, a little bit of an extra clouds and some sunshine, and the daytime highs in the low 80's.
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be in the upper 70's for daytime like it this evening, friday night from any fewer heading to happy hour after work or downtown, comfortable with temperatures in the 70's. coming up, we will have a look at your extended forecast. adrianna, back to you. adrianna: happening right now, the virginia red cross is heading to the u.s. virgin islands and puerto rico in the wake of hurricane maria. ryan hughes caught up with the crew right before they left. maria is being called the worst storm to hit puerto rico in 90 years, and today, volunteer from our area are heading down to help out. 4 volunteers from the american red cross national capital region are getting ready to head down. they will flight to atlanta, then had to puerto rico and the virgin islands, where they will set up shelters, distribute food, and provides emotional support. maria caused widespread devastation, flooding towns, crushing homes, and killing at least two people in pue
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that number could rise. residents are also now battling the tropical heat without electricity. we are told it could be weeks, if not months, before the power is restored. i spoke to one volunteer. he returned from texas on sunday, helping after harvey, and now he is being deployed once again. >> it is a great feeling, but at the same time, it is one of those bittersweet things, because i will have to pick up and leave my family and everybody behind. i know it is better for everyone. they need me more than my family needs me at home. ryan: more than 100 volunteers have been deployed from the national capital region after harvey, irma, and now maria. the number of volunteers across the country come into the thousands. in fairfax, ryan hughes, abc7 news. adrianna: right now, round-the-clock rescues are happening in mexico city three days after the earthquake struck. crews and volunteers are sifting through sheets of rubble, looking for any sign of life.
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now stands at 273. 137 people were killed in mexico city alone. an unknown amount of people could still be trapped. there has been a lot of attention on a school that was flattened by that quake more 19 kids and six adults died. the good news is all of the students who were reported missing have been accounted for. ietocan president pena n insists that search and rescue efforts will continue as long as they believe people are alive under the rubble. after the earthquake in mexico and several devastating hurricanes, you may want to know how you can help. we have a list of ways to help on our website. go to developing right now, tensions are escalating with north korea, this after president trump's u.n. address and his new executive order increasing economic sanctions. north korean leader kim jong-il and called president trump mentally deranged, and now north korea is
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hydrogen bomb over the pacific ocean. this is a direct response to the president's fiery address at the u.n. president trump: the united andes has great strength patience, but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies, we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea. jong-un: well, now kim says president trump will pay dearly for those words, and this morning trump responded with a tweet, calling kim jong-un a madman, and saying he will be tested like never before. coming up on abc7 news at noon, a threat against one of hollywood's most famous families that find out what had this woman all while the. and the boys in blue coming to the rescue could the split-second decision they made that saved the lives of two people trapped in a burning car. more on this amazing video. first, a quick check of traffic in our area with steve hirshhorn. >> we are going to take a look
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tractor-trailer fire southbound 95 near route 100. still just the left lane getting by. .ere is a look at the backup this is southbound 95 leaving interstate 195 in the exit from beat everyone marshall airport. down from bwi to the accident scene. "work was near route 109. only one lane getting by right now. at the bridge northbound on 395, there was an accident on the bridge. it is still pretty slow, leaving arlington heading towards the 14th street bridge. we are ok once you make it into the district and onto the freeway toward the third street tunnel. further down 270, southbound lanes at montrose road, moving well all the way down to the beltway. should find everything open. moving pretty smoothly on the beltway.
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incident on the inner loop near the american legion bridge. i was off the road a little slow as you pass the george washington parkway on the way to the legion bridge and into montgomery county. that is a look at traffic.
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wild scene outside the kardashians' door in west hollywood. armed with a gun and machete, the woman screamed about cuba and threatened the family. she was arrested at her home.
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shot and killed by police. authorities opened fire on them and they say was holding a metal pipe in oklahoma city. the man could not hear their commands. kenneth mountain has the story. morning, police in oklahoma city are extending cap elections of an officer who shot and killed a deaf man -- explaining the actions of an officer who shot and killed a deaf man. it started with an incredible hit and run captured on a surveillance video. the police investigation led to this house, where officers confronted the suspect's son, who is holding a metal pipe. >> myself and my daughter were screaming at him that he was deaf and couldn't hear anything. they proceeded on shooting him. kenneth: those neighbors, right across the street from the scene. at this point they don't know if the officers can hear them yelling that sanchez was deaf.
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taser. the other, the department says from fatally shot sanchez with his gun. video of of aatic behavioral therapist trying to one police that a patient with autism was not a threat. fired from accidentally hitting the therapist. in oklahoma city, sanchez's family has hired an attorney. the officer who fired the fatal shots is on paid leave, pending an investigation. adrianna: this was caught on camera, and credible act of bravery. five atlanta police officers risked their lives to help 2 men cap inside a burning car. the officers rushed straight towards the flames, attacking the fire with their extinguishers, through a tub of water, and used their batons to break the windows. them a just kept knocking the
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we didn't think of how hard it was -- how hard it was for our safety. >> we signed up for the job to help people and i never second guess. adrianna: the fire department did put out the flames. the victims were badly burned, but they are now recovering. excitement is bubbling up at brigham young university. the school has officially ended on the sale of caffeinated sufferings on campus. in a surprise to students, the school posted a picture of a can of coke on twitter and just two words, "it's happening." byu is owned by the mormon church. glad they are getting their caffeine fix. all right, we have the official day of fall, and we still have summer. i like it. molly: cap forecast is not going to change very much, into next week, really. still safe to say that you can break out the flip-flops and shorts a little longer. adrianna: yes! molly:
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the official start of fall is today come when the autumn equinox kicks off. our peak in bc is not coming until late october to early november. if we continue to be as dry as we have been, that could potentially impact of the color of the leaves. we will bring you the latest on that. we are not in a drought right now in the d.c. region. in terms of rain, you can see mostly cloudy skies out right now at national harbor do to josé off the immediate coastline. a little bit of breaks of sunshine through the afternoon and evening. notice the daytime high of 85 degrees, certainly about our average. this time of your commission only be making it to 78 degrees each afternoon. weekend forecast were really no worries -- bright sunshine saturday into sunday. notice the daytime highs. 90 marked by sunday. if you are going to be getting out and axis icing outdoors,
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remember to stay well hydrated. fedex field sunday night, start time of a: to become so if you are heading out to tailgate and grab dinner before the game, mainly clear skies, and you will get away with just a t-shirt. it will be comfortable. the temperatures stay in the 70's through the end of the game. maria is still a category three storm and it is expected to stay that way during the weekend had maximum sustained winds of 120 miles per hour. as you can see, it is not going to be impacting land. it should stay that way. here is a look at the latest track at 11:00. continuingdnesday, into a category one storm. most of the models hitting maria off the coast line. this is the forecast we have to remember could update and change , as it is many days alive. stormwatch will bring you the latest.
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today on the carolina coast line in terms of swells and rip currents. heads up if you are heading to the eastern shore this weekend. it is going to be pretty rough out there. very quick look at your extended forecast shows no worries into next week. next chance for spotty showers arrives wednesday to thursday. adrianna, back to you. adrianna: having tonight, "20/20" is digging into an alleged murder for hire plot. a doctor and veterinarian couple charged with hiring hitman to kill their exes. deborah roberts joins us with a preview. this is a pretty bizarre story. deborah: it is worthy of a movie of the week, i have to tell you. my colleague he dug into this story that made headlines earlier in the year and had so many people wondering how this could even happen, how does a successful veterinarian in the houston area and her doctor boyfriend go from a very highflying love affair to being
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solicitation for murder? we take you inside the story, and you will hear what is chillingly almost like the veterinarian woman's voice from the grave telling a little bit more about what happened here. did she and her boyfriend actually tried to collude to have their exes killed, or was this some kind of misunderstanding? for the first time you will hear from the man in this case, who has been accused him in his first big network television interview, telling his side of the story from jail, and you will hear some of the tragic details of how these two wound up in what apparently was just a toxic love story, but did it wind up with talk of murder or is there something else we are not understanding? you will meet a lot of the players, including the man who police say was recruited to kill the exes of both of these
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and also video and audio diaries from the one in who so tragically took her own life before the case went to court. a very interesting, riveting "20/20." adrianna: i want to ask you, are we going to hear at all from the exes and how they were taken aback by the news that they were almost murdered? there are certainly a lot of detail about what the exes felt about this, and you will hear how police recruited them in an elaborate sting operation, pretending that the 2 had been killed, getting into sort of fake their own deaths, as it was, on camera and these 2e, to trap folks and hear about what happened. you will hear about the convoluted plot and what these exes felt about this. the story is not over, because there are court trials to come. as y s
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very bizarre, and very riveting watching for "20/20" tonight. adrianna: thank you so much, deborah roberts, for that review. "20/20" airs on abc7i'm a lawye, and i have clients, and i am proud to do what i do on behalf of my clients. narrator: the clients john adams and his team are so proud to work for? banks accused of money laundering. big corporations accused of defrauding taxpayers. and mortgage lenders accused of unfairly foreclosing on homes. now he wants to be attorney general. john adams: the best attorney general the powerful and well-connected can buy. i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
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adrianna: back now with the developing story from the sports world. a lawyer for the late nfl player aaron hernandez says he had the they hadre case of cte seen in someone his age. abc's linsey davis is here with a story. doctors
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former nfl superstar aaron hernandez suffered from cte. only were the results positive, but we are told it was the most severe case they had ever seen in someone of his age. linsey: doctors at the boston university cte center examined his brain, including -- concluding he was suffering from an advanced form of the brain disease, stage three out of four. these results, five months after the 27-year-old committed suicide in prison while serving a life sentence for the 2013 murder of his friend odin lloyd. >> guilty of murder in the first degree. now his family is taking aim at the nfl and his former team, the new england patriots, saying in a lawsuit, "defendants were
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fully aware of the dangers of exposing nfl players such as fully aware of the dangers of exposing nfl players such as mr. hernandez to repeated dramatic hea -- traumatic head impacts." just last year, the nfl finalized a nearly $1 billion class-action lawsuit by former players who claim they suffered
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ralphcandidate for governor,rtham, and i sponsored is ad. they're studying for 21st century jobs., but ed gillespie supports donald trump's plan to take money out of virginia public schools and give it to private schools. as a washington dc lobbyist, ed gillespie worked for lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. and ed gillespie's plan to cut taxes for the wealthy could cut virginia school funding, too. ed doesn't stand for education.
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molly: there is a look at your extended forecast. we kick off fall today, but it doesn't feel much like it. you will save everyone into next week.
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in a noisy world ... northern virginia's own novec is listening to its cust who want reliable, affordable electricity, renewable energy options, and ways to save energy and money. novec delivers the most reliable power in the region. and customers are paying less for electricity than they did eight years ago. novec is listening and responding. that's because this not-for-profit cooperative is owned by the people it serves. novec. listening. responding.
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news atre watching abc7 noon, on your side. at 12: 30,ight now the race against the clock continues in mexico for dozens still missing after the deadliest earthquake to hit the country in years. with live to mexico city the latest on the search and rescue efforts. omar? omar: yeah, adrianna can with the minutes day, become that much more valuable when it comes to finding someone trapped under the rubble of a collapsed building. we heard from the mexican government, who said that search and rescue efforts could continue for at least up to two weeks, and they emphasize on top of that that they wouldn't end until every stone is left unturned. race aga
12:32 pm
on with the search for survivors. chill at night -- if they are laying on concrete, that takes the heat right out of your body, and it will be less survivable. omar: it has been three days since the 7.1 magnitude earthquake rocked central mexico, killing hundreds and turning building after building into rubble. >> we felt like we were going to die. the entire house shook them everything fell. we went out onto the street and people were crying and running. then search and rescue efforts formed by an army of volunteers. rescue workers press on can even though the chances of survival diminish as time passes. >> some people may be trapped in an area and they have food and water, and then there is the survivability rate definitely goes up. omar: the scale of the damage outside mexico city is only now becoming clear, but assistance has been slower to
12:33 pm
hard-hit towns closer to the epicenter of the quake. throughout the tragedy, the resilience of the people remains on display. >> the spirit of the mexicans always unites us, voice lifts us. the resilience in mexico is a characters to we always hold on to. we always get back on our feet. omar: as the day has gone on here in central mexico city, so, too, has the intensity and sense of urgency when it comes to rescuers, not only when it comes to rescue dogs -- we have seen more come in -- we have seen more rescuers come into the actual situation here as well. on top of that, where we are committed our families that have days,amped out for holding onto hope that among the dozens we believe are in the rubble of the building behind me, that one of their relatives comes out alive and ok. adrianna: thanks so much. tracking hurricane maria now, and a live
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satellite. you can see the eye of the storm has made its way past the popular vacation islands as we are seeing images of the devastation maria left behind in puerto rico. some communities there are completely cut off, trees toppled, wires down, debris everywhere. at least 15 people are dead on the island of dominica, but that number will likely grow. in puerto rico, maria dumped over 30 inches of rain, triggering blackouts that could last for months. maria is not over yet. we got an update from the national hurricane center. maria is expected to remain a major hurricane as it moves north. let's get to meteorologist molly cochran, who is tracking the storm's every move. molly: here's another look at the satellite image. we can make out the eye nicely on the satellite. the storm is still powerful. some of the deke wind gusts are embedded in the eye, running at 155 miles per hour.
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it is expected to stay category 3 through the weekend, and then slowly begin to weaken as it runs into higher windshear, helping to tear apart the storm. by the time we head into tuesday and wednesday, category 1. most of the models to maria off off the -- keep maria u.s. coastline to this track is still many days away, so we are expecting a few updates. i'm thinking that the majority of the storm will stay off the coast. the impact will be felt in the surf and ther threat of rip currents, pushing to the eastern u.s. later today. if you are heading there this weekend, keep that in mind. temperatures in the upper 70's to low 80's in the d.c. metro. we kick off fall later today, but it will be feeling much like it. daytime highs in the mid to operate 80's. this time of year, we should only be in the upper 70's. kicking off the fall
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today, running through october 31, and it looks like a perfect weekend to get out and enjoy either that festival or a taste of georgetown on sunday. over 30 restaurants going to be attending. take a look at the forecast. nothing but sunshine and highs in the mid 80's. we will have a look at the extended forecast. adrianna: thanks so much, molly. happening right now, the virginia red cross is heading to the u.s. virgin islands and puerto rico in the wake of hurricane maria. up with as caught crew before they left. ryan: hurricane maria is being called the worst storm in 90 years, and volunteers are heading out to help out. americaners with the red cross national capital region will flight to atlanta and then to puerto rico and the virgin islands, where they will set up shelters, distribute food, and provide some emotional support. maria caused widespread devastation, flooding towns, crushing homes, and killinat
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alone, and the number could rise. residents are battling the tropical heat without electricity. we are told it could be weeks, power monthsfore the is restored. i just spoke to one volunteer who returned from texas on sunday helping after harvey, and he is being deployed once again. feeling, thatat at the same time it is one of those bittersweet things, because i will have to pick up and the my family and everybody behind. but i know it is better for everyone. they need me more than my family needs me at home. more than 100 volunteers have been deployed from the national capital region after harvey, irma, and now maria. the number of volunteers across the country into the thousands. in fairfax, ryan hughes, abc7 news. adrianna: after the mexico earthquake and several devastating hurricanes, many are asking how can i help. we have a list of places you can contact to offer assistance on our website, now to
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frederick, maryland. 2 teenagers arrested after police say they cannot a fellow student and raped her. a third reason believe -- third person lead to be involved is on the run. john gonzalez is following the latest. john: the details are so disturbing. one of them, police saying that the suspect used a rag to cover the mouth of this young girl, a student at frederick high school, who police say was by twoed and raped classmates while a third person just sat back and recorded the entire thing. this happened earlier this month , the weekend right before back to school. take a look at your screen here. police say this 17-year-old in 19-year-old -- 17-year-old and a 19-year-old are charged with sodomy, kidnapping, rape. gonzalez gutierrez is in the country illegally. he was only held for three days. frederick county police
12:39 pm
these young woman was raped for hours. >> the males approached her with a knife and took her to a nearby vehicle and drove her to an apartment not very far. >> thought he was nice, you know. andad an apartment group, he didn't seem like a mean person or anything like that. john: the third suspect was wearing a mask and is still on the loose at this hour. police believe there might be a fourth person involved, a young girl who knows the victim and may have actually helped to plan the whole thing on social media. she has been questioned. no charges yet. in frederick, john gonzalez, abc7 news. adrianna: after months of stonewalling congress, facebook is stepping up, giving investigators 3000 ads bought by a russian agency. over ads will be turned to congressional investigators looking at russian election meddling could ceo mark zuckerberg
12:40 pm
to cooperate with the federal investigation. >> we may not always be able to share all of our findings publicly, but we support congress in deciding how to best use this information to inform the public, can we expect the government to publish its findings when their investigation is complete. also sayszuckerberg that facebook is continuing its own investigation into campaign advertising. and the president is responding this morning on twitter, saying "the rush a hoax continues with ads on facebook." at the media, aim saying that their coverage was biased in favor of former presidential candidate hillary clinton. found in, severe cte the brain of the late aaron hernandez. why doctors say it is one of the worst cases they have ever seen. athave all seen the ways sports games, but why are these fans literally waving?
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i'm a lawyer, and i have clients, and i am proud to do what i do on behalf of my clients. narrator: the clients john adams and his team are so proud to work for? banks accused of money laundering. big corporations accused of defrauding taxpayers. and mortgage lenders accused of unfairly foreclosing on homes. now he wants to be attorney general. john adams: the best attorney general the powerful and well-connected can buy. i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
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>> you are watching abc7 news at noon, on your side. adrianna: we are still following the bombshell claim by a lawyer for the late aaron hernandez. that attorney's saying that the former nfl star, convicted of murder, who killed himself this year, showed severe signs of the degenerative brain disease cte. headan because by repeated trauma and can lead to violent mood swings and other common problems. hernandez's daughter has sought a lawsuit against the nfl and new england patriots. >> aaron hernandez had advanced stage three of cte, which is usually
12:44 pm
of a 67-year-old man. can only bee diagnosed when it is too late in a not top-secret a recent study showed evidence of that disease 111 nfl players whose brains were examined. thousands of football plans are starting a new tradition that will warm your heart. take a look at this. this is now taking place at the university of iowa home games. everyone in the stands looks up, waves, and cheers, not for the team, but for the patients at the new children's hospital nearby. they are waving at the kids to let them know that they are rooting for them, too. they stand at the window to see the fans who are wishing them well. quarterback tom brady has revealed a health secret. the new england patriots star says he is in you to sunburn. why? he says it is because he stays hydrated. in his book, he says he
12:45 pm
300 ounces of water a day, nearly 2.5 gallons. people on social media are not so sure about his signs, and it is important to note that the cdc says hydration does not protect you from the suns's ray. now to a new health trend, using the doctorto your diet -- to detect your diet. reporter: what is it like to lose weight on weight watchers? >> i tried everything -- low-carb eating, smoothies, cleanses, detoxes. reporter: none seem to write with her. >> i felt like i was in a war with food. reporter: she tried a specialized nutrition plan that is not promise weight loss. >> i wanted to find a way to eat that is sustainable. reporter: you sb
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cheek, drink a premixed shake, and analyze blood samples. they analyzed dna and biomarkers that affect your ability to process food. then they create a personalized profile to help leaders make healthy choices. based on the results, testtakers are assigned to one of seven different profiles, like protein and a, fat seeker, profile for those who need to slow their metabolisms. >> i was a range seeker, which meant that i can have 52% of my calories from carbs. reporter: was that good news? do you love carbs? >> i love carbs. reporter: the company says that while weight loss is not promised, it is possible. after eight weeks, she says she has not lost any weight, but she has lost inches. more energized and active and my clothes are
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testing based on your dna. this from dna fit runs $199. habit is more expensive, with the option of phone-based coaching. it is not covered by most insurance plans. what it is still early days. evidenceere is little that profiling your dna by itself leads to significant weight loss or healthier outcomes. but the founder of habit says that his company's program is worth it. >> six months later, i lost 25 pounds and felt better than i have in years. reporter: he tested positive for the obesity gene, so he has to watch his fat intake. how is this different from seeing a nutritionist? >> depending on what nutritionist you go to, you may get more of a standard or generic nutrition. this is a more refined and
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adrianna: huh, interesting. a new swanky restaurant is coming to the big apple, and when it is complete, it will break some records. take a look at these renderings. it is not a five-star restaurant ik-fil-a, the largest and it never was location in history. -- largest and it never works -- narrowest location in history. it will offer an unimpeded view of the freedom tower. open early next year, and keeping with comedy tradition, it will not be open on sundays -- company tradition, it will not be open on sundays. molly: we were talking about chick-fil-a the other day, and how i always wanted on sunday. make those plans why you can. you're getting some clouds from josé off the coast.
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temperatures above average. the a tunnel in equinox kicks off at -- the autumn equinox kicks off at 4:02 today. remnants of josé off the coast bringing in those clouds. a little bit of a mixture through the afternoon. also some cloud cover. in thethe daytime high mid to upper 80's that we will stay mild as the sun goes down. in :00, starting the friday night plans, it will be about 77 degrees under carly to mostly cloudy skies. overnight tonight, temperatures should slide back into the 50's. the 60's in the d.c. metro. mainly clear skies. , brianup for the weekend van de graaff going to be emcee ing there and it looks like a perfect forecast from saturday from 11:00 to 4:00. daytime high at 86 degrees. we should be making it to 78 degrees for the daytime high get we shoulhi
12:50 pm
around lunchtime. d.c. united game at 7:00 -- rfk stadium forecast looks very good. we will stay dry, pleasant, temperatures in the 70's through the game. if you cannot make it there, you can watch live on newschannel 8. maria still a category three expected to stay category 3 to the weekend. slowly beginning to weaken early week. i tuesday and wednesday, just off the immediate coastline. the track is staying off the u.s. mainland. we are many days away. we're expecting updates and changes to the forecast. we will bring them to you as they come in. going to be a concern of the eastern coastline. no worries monday into tuesday. beautiful weather continues. a little more cloud cover for the middle half of the week, and a few stray sprinkles. those highs at the 90 mark
12:51 pm
not expecting a fall cool down until late next week. friday, back in the 70's with a chance for a few showers next weekend. adrianna: maybe not until sunday if you are looking for a cool down. molly: a ways to go. adrianna: sounds good to me. so much more ahead on abc7 news at noon, but for some here is a check on what is coming up at 5:00 tonight. >> tonight at 5:00, no consumer issue is too big or too small for 7 on your side investigator kimberly suiters. today it is a little car with a big problem. gets uglier and uglier. owners are not happy with the mercedes offered to help. one owners plan to get back at them.
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have aa: right now you chance to get your hands of the newest iphone. the new funds have wireless charging, new camera sensors, and a faster processor. the first one to get his hands on the iphone 8 was an australian man who waited 11 days in line. 11 days for a phone. the much-anticipated iphone x will be released in six weeks. happened today, a ribbon-cutting ceremony to mark the opening of nasa's newest research facility in hampton, va, named after pioneer catherine jeh johnson. . b.was played by taraji henson in the movie "hidden figures." they broke down barriers for the nasa space program. johnson and her family will have a private tour
12:55 pm
ahead of the ceremony at 1:00 this afternoon. much ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor and i sponsored this ad narrator: ed gillespie says dr. ralph northam doesn't show up? dr. ralph northam was an army doctor and a volunteer medical director at a children's hospice. he passed the virginia law requiring concussion standards for school sports. the smoking ban in restaurants. and dr. northam is working to connect veterans to good paying jobs in virginia. ed gillespie is a washington dc corporate lobbyist. he shows up for whoever pays him.
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adrianna: we are so close to the weekend. molly: certainly not feeling like falcon that is for sure. temperatures in the upper 80's, most of the 90 market get out and enjoy it while you can. opportunities -- forecast to the middle of the week. adrianna: thank you for joining us this midday.
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